Floor Cleaning and Janitorial Service Floor Care

Specializing in restoration and preservation of marble, our specialists bring back the beauty of your marble floor and provide maintenance solutions to keep it looking new consistently. We are your complete source for restoring and maintaining the beauty of your marble floor and tile and grout surfaces. We provide services and consultation to our customers as well as the education needed to properly maintain and preserve your investment. We will help protect your investment.

When caring for marble, it is important that you call an expert. There are many products out there that can very easily harm your marble floor if you choose the wrong ingredients. Put your beautiful marble floor in the hands of a professional office cleaning company in Nashville. We guarantee to leave your floors attractive and protected!

In addition to floor care and janitorial services, at Janitorial Service Murfreesboro we offer construction cleaning services for all facility types. Preparing your new building space or remodeled space has been simplified by our construction cleaning experts. Our construction cleanup services are available for a variety of construction projects, including: New Construction, Tenant Improvements, Campus Renovation, Disaster Related Cleanup From construction debris removal to fine detailing, we always keep your property and your image looking spotless. We offer this value-added service with the flexibility to work around your schedule.

Sometimes an extra wash down is needed when doing commercial cleaning. We specialize in large and small residential jobs and commercial projects. We use state of the art equipment and products that allows us to offer many cleaning services and applications to care specifically for your property’s individual cleaning needs. Community sidewalks, drainage swells, driveways, apartment and housing exteriors and patio/deck surfaces are just a few of the needs our team of professionals is ready to handle.

The same goes for window cleaning of offices. Our window cleaners use only the best and most effective, top-of-the-line equipment. Our cleaning fluid is safe for all types of glass and for the environment. We use a “No Mess” procedure, respecting your property and home. Our methods meet and exceed the current standards of window cleaning professionals.

In addition to our commercial cleaning services, we can also make sure your property looks great for the day. A day porter typically has the job of keeping public areas clean and orderly. For example, a person in this position often works to keep public areas of hotels, malls, and office buildings clean and orderly. A person with this title is usually set to work in heavy traffic areas in which most people may expect to see some debris and dirt. A day porter usually works discreetly to keep such places spotless and appealing for those who have to use or even pass through them. A person in this position may have a range of tasks to perform, but they often include cleaning bathrooms; replenishing paper supplies; keeping hallways and lobbies clean; keeping the exterior of a building maintained; and making sure high-traffic areas are free of safety hazards.

The exact duties a day porter may depend on the needs and preferences of the customer. Typically, however, a day porter is given a set list of cleaning tasks to perform and a schedule on which to perform them. Depending on your needs, a day porter may help you maintain high-traffic areas both inside of and outside of buildings.